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About Us

Hello, I am Soul- The founder and owner of NXTLVL Gifts. Whether you're looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or a family member, or if you want to treat yourself to something beautiful, you've come to the right place. We specialize in handcrafted 3D resin animal sculptures in many sizes to fit all budgets. Every product is handcrafted with the greatest care. These intricate works of art are just as stunning as they are unique. Each piece is detailed with hand tools and techniques that produce astonishing results. We outsource the manufacturing under our strict guidelines and requirements, in order to keep our prices attractive.

I was born and raised in Mali, West Africa. My life experiences shape the way I view the world to a greater extent. Now residing in Baltimore, Maryland, my mission is to use art as a positive platform to inspire people of all ethnicities, religions, and cultures. I've traveled extensively and been exposed to many different groups of people and cultures and as such, I’ve come to understand how relative beauty is and how different cultures interpret it.  Those experiences have also made me an open-minded person who embraces others cultures and likes to learn about their values and perspectives. The NXTLVL Gifts collection is a reflection of my imagination and idea of beauty and uniqueness in each piece.

Figurines and statues have been very special to me for as long as I can remember. I believe they are pieces that hold memories, evoke emotions, and also tell stories about different cultures. Through the years, I have not just collected them as a source of remembrance, but I have become interested in finding out more about these cultures and how they express their essence through statues and art. While that may sound a little over-sentimental, it’s absolutely true.

Whether you are a collector or not, figurines and statues can take center stage in your living space or office. They can create an influence on your state of mind and surroundings and improve your experience. The environment that you place these statues in increases the meaning they hold to you. Collecting figurines and statues can be a fun hobby and also a way to have those collectibles become part of your home where you and everyone around you can enjoy them.

After collecting for many years, I decided to make my own figurines and statues that I believe are interesting and it’s been a great validation to receive validation from my customers. I understand the notion of sentimental value that these figurines have behind them and that’s why I make products that I believe are worth collecting, representing, and displaying. I hope you will agree too.

I intended for NXTLVL Gifts to be an opportunity combine my artistic side with my business side. I wanted to create a platform where people could find a personal, meaningful gift at an affordable price. My goal is to make the customer experience as easy and pleasant as possible for everybody so you can get the best possible shopping experience.

Our animal sculptures are a perfect addition to any home and garden decor. A tornado of color, motion, and wonder can be found in each unique piece of art from NXTLVL Gifts. Our figurines are handmade, then a mold is made to made copies, that are individually hand-painted; making each piece unique. They are limited edition sculptures as we only create 1000 of each. Each figurine has been designed by myself and then created by our skilled artisans.

The realism of the sculptures is extraordinary and quite unique. Our team is comprised of talented artisans who have perfected their individual crafts throughout a lifetime, making my designs and ideas come to life. Combining these skills, we create the most unique and realistic sculptures adorn for your home or office anywhere across the globe.

Let your imagination run wild as you consider how you will decorate your life with these enchanting animal sculptures. You can get in touch with me on the chat or contact us page for any queries regarding my sculptures.


Soul Coulibaly

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