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2’ x 4’ Tan Retro Modern Medallion Hearth Rug

Bring a sense of refined luxury with this Tan Retro Modern Medallion Hearth Rug that accentuates a neutral palette to spruce up the area in front of a fireplace. Beautifully designed with intricate floral patterns in tan and a thick zigzag border around the edges flaunted on a beige backdrop to create visual interest. Crafted with 100% wool to ensure strength and durability to protect the flooring in front of a fireplace from flying sparks and potential hazards. This rug is also stain-resistant to keep its immaculate look and be both a decorative and practical accent on the floor. The subtle hues and traditional patterns of this hearth rug will blend in with any interior setting. 27” x 46” x 0.5”

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