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5" Origami Seafaring Penguin, Penguin Family Collection Sculpture

Your family is diverse and totally one of a kind, each with their own personalities and interests that make them so lovable as exactly who they are. With these penguin statues, you can mix and match the various penguins, including adult males and females of varying ages, two age brackets of children and little babies. They are detailed but nondescript enough that they can serve as various members of the families, from grandfathers to fathers; from cousins to older brothers and sisters; from mothers to aunts and from cousins to nieces. In this way, you can mix and match to create a fun representation of your own beloved family'

Origami Seafaring:

With a neatly folded origami boat ready to sail the seven seas, this little penguin is as crafty as it is adventurous. Taking the fun of indoor play to the outside, this little child knows how to be creative anywhere they are, and that is represented by the Origami Seafaring Child Penguin Statue. The statue features a child penguin with a small origami sailboat they are ready to watch drift out to sea, lying on their stomach to see it go. It can represent any child in the family, including direct children, little cousins, or nieces and nephews all the same.

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