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7’ x 10’ Gray and Gold Cubic Block Area Rug

You can’t go wrong with this Gray and Gold Cubic Block Area Rug in your modern living space. Flaunting beautifully textured geometric patterns in a cubic block fashion with stunning shades of charcoal black, gray, teal, and gold to make this piece a focal point in the room. This rug is made in Turkey with a blend of polyester and cotton fibers which is not only stain-resistant and easy to clean but also durable enough to stand up to areas with medium foot traffic. The high-pile construction adds to its luxurious surface texture and allows for enhanced longevity in your bedrooms, living space, or sitting area while looking pristine for ages. The gorgeous hues and textured surface will create depth and dimension while being a stylish accent on the floor. 112” x 78” x 0.8”

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