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16" Asian Leopard Cat Sculpture

Most felines share one common vein, and that is their overall sense of curiosity and desire to explore. The Asian Leopard is no different, and in this Curious Asian Leopard Sculpture, you can see that his interest is piqued by something in the distance, sitting in a pose that leaves him ready to dart off and discover it in an instance. From top to bottom, the figurine is crafted out of premium polyresin that gives it resilience against weather damage from sun and rain if placed outside. Because it measures 16 inches in height, it is easy to incorporate into any room of the house.

NXTLVL Gifts uniquely crafted and bespoke garden ornaments are ideal for any home or garden. Inject a little nature into every day with a luxuriously crafted polyresin sculpture that captures the essence and grandeur of the animal kingdom, from the comfort of your lounge or backyard. This striking polyresin Asian Leopard makes good use of her small slender body, whether she is hunting in the lounge or within the jungles of your backyard. Her curious head tilts watching the world around her.

Luxuriously crafted, this hyper-realistic Asian Leopard features naturally toned features and muscular details, to closely resemble her wildcat relatives. From the curious eyes to the beautifully textured body, no aspect has been overlooked into this hand-crafted and beautifully designed piece of living art. 

Available exclusively as part of a collection of domestic and wild animals including our range of cats. Choose from the Clouded Leopard, Cheetah, Serval, and Bengal figurines, which have been created with love in resin.

  • Asian Leopard Sculpture with hyper-realistic detail including to the eyes, ears, and overall body.
  • Golden shading detail with darkened spots on the outside for a natural, flawless finish. 
  • High-quality polyresin design made exclusively by NXTLVL Gifts.
  • Dimensions: Height: 16 inches/ 40.64cm
  • Box contains one polyresin Clouded Leopard sculpture.
  • Waterproof and durable design suitable for inside and outside decoration.
  • Further items shown are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.

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